Why Denim Balm

Your jeans are more than pants. It’s a way of life. It shows your choices, your values, your soul. You don’t want to water this down by washing it. Washing it ruins the colors, the feel, well it ruins it all. But be honest, not washing comes with some consequences. Smell being one, but also the damage by drying out of the fibers.

That’s where Denim Balm comes in. A special natural formula developed by the Damn Good Soap Company in collaboration with a group of denim experts with one goal in mind; keeping your jeans as awesome as they should be.

Just get a pea size of balm in the palm of your hands, heat it by rubbing it between your hand until it’s almost fluid and then just massage it into your years. It will smell awesome instantly and has much more benefits.


The Denim Balm formula contains a mix of essential oils will make your denim smell awesome again, no matter what you did while wearing it. No more smelly pants with Denim Balm.


The fatty formula prevents the fibers from completely drying out and break. Sure, you want that awesome wear in your jeans, but you don’t want to it to fall apart before you’re good and well ready.


Your used to rubbing your life into your jeans, you know it needs this to get that awesome look but also to protect it from unwanted stuff getting onto and into it. Denim Balm will help you with just that.

Denim Balm was created for one purpose only. Getting and keeping your priceless selvedge denim as awesome as it should be.